Welcome to Freedom Buddies

Freedom Buddies is a wrap around, safe care and support service enabling people to go out accompanied by a trained, qualified and experienced care professional in a company owned car. The car is wheelchair accessible and suitable for wheelchair and non-wheelchair users. This new local service allows people to attend GP, hospital, dentist and other health appointments and social occasions for example weddings, christenings, visiting family, theatre and cinema trips etc.

Freedom Buddies in only available to people who may require a level of care and support due to an impairment.

About Us

When people live such busy lives a seamless and reliable service, combining hands on care provision and transport, is a welcome relief ensuring that you or your loved ones are able to access places and occasions in full confidence that their care and support needs are being met. This enables people to live more independently and for their loved ones to more easily maintain their work life balance.

A significant aspect of accompanying people to health related appointments is that we can feedback any instructions or direction from the health professional. Hospital discharge can be problematic to arrange, so we can help arrange that for you and coordinate with other health professionals settling the person safely and comfortably back in their home.

The Steps


Step 1

Bookings are taken in advance. We take relevant information over the phone at the time, however we may need to come out to assess the client if we think it is necessary.


Step 2

A receipt for the booking will be posted or emailed out and will include a copy of our terms and conditions, which are also available here are on our website.



Step 3

Our care professional will arrive in the Freedom Buddies car at the prearranged time helping the service user to prepare for the outing staying with them for the duration of the booking to provide care and support. Our minimum booking is for 2 hours.


Step 4

We will return the client and provide the required care and support to settle them back in their own home.

Who we are

Freedom Buddies is a new service launched in Blackburn by Choice Care, a local domiciliary care provider registered with the Care Quality Commission, and with over 20 years direct care experience are commissioned by Local Authorities, the Clinical Commissioning Group, insurance companies and private individuals.

Our care professionals are recruited in compliance with regulation, standards and codes of conduct and are trained and experienced in care, having as a minimum a diploma or NVQ. They also receive enhanced training in care specialisms such as safeguarding, administration of medication, health and safety, first aid, moving and handing, dementia, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s, stokes, end of life care and more.

We ensure that all pre-employment checks including references, employment history, driving licences, DBS checks, health assessments etc are completed before our care professionals start work with us. They must also pass a driver competency assessment with a Government assessor.

Our company owned vehicle is fully insured, professionally maintained and valeted.

Choice Care is accredited as a Six Steps End of Life organisation from East Lancashire Hospice and are members of the United Kingdom Home Care Association.


How We Can Help

Assisting on Days Out

We can pick up the client, drive them to the theatre & accompany them in, staying with them throughout the performance & assisting with any requirements. (Most theatres will give a 50% or 100% discount on a Carers ticket if the client is pre-registered with the theatre).

Supporting Loved Ones

You live alone & have broken a limb. We can collect you from hospital, Drive you home, accompany you inside & help with any unpacking &/or go & collect shopping for you. Making sure you are able to manage when we leave you.

Assistance to Appointments

Your relative has an appointment which they need assistance getting to. We can collect them at a set time, drive them to the appointment & accompany them into the appointment if required. If necessary we can relay information from the family to the doctor & feedback relevant information to you. We will then drive them straight home. No hanging about waiting for hospital transport or detouring to take other patients home first.

Supporting at Events

You have a family wedding & would like your wheelchair bound relative to attend. We can collect your relative, drive them to the venue, stay with them throughout the wedding & reception, assisting with toileting or medication as required, then drive them home, assisting with anything else, if required before leaving them.

How to get in touch